How Are You Learning English?

Originally posted by Richard, Sep 23 2015 10:10AM

What Techniques Do You Use For Learning English?

Are you a textbook only person or do you like to practice conversation too? booksAre you one of those people who writes Czech words down one side of the paper then folds it over and writes the English on the other side? (just like my dad – yes he’s learning Czech!) Do you go to evening classes? Are you listening to CDs? Is watching films your favourite way to listen to English or are you more of a song person?

Learning Styles

Each person learns differently in their own way. There are many theories telling us of ‘Learning Styles’, that is that we all learn in a variety of different ways. It’s said that we are usually more dominant in one learning style than another. Here’s an example:

Neil Fleming’s VARK model suggests that there are four discernible ways in which we learn.

Visual learningGetBetterGradesNow-Dot-Com-Learning-Styles-274x300

Auditory learning

Read/write learning

Kinesthetic learning

Fleming said that Visual learners prefer to see something more than just words in order to assist their learning. Aids such as graphs, diagrams, symbols, and pictures for example). Auditory learners by listening to lectures, discussions and audio recordings, etc.). Kinesthetic (or tactile) learners like to learn with real first hand experience that is to actually BE moving, touching, and doing things. (exploring, experiments and physical activity etc.).

More Styles

In recent years this theory has been developed and according to the Institue of Learning Styles Research the list now contains seven different learning styles: Print, Visual, Haptic, Intereactive, Kinesthetic, Aural and Olfactory. You can find out more here:

It’s true also that there are scientists out there who claim that these learning styles don’t exist. However whether you believe it or not surely covering all bases and using as many different techniques as you can (to aid your learning) can only be a good thing. If nothing else it keeps you interested and enthusiastic.

Share Your Styles

So share with me your prefered ways of learning English, I’d love to know what has and hasn’t worked for you. Tell us by leaving a comment below. Sign up for my weekly English Tips email here.


3 thoughts on “How Are You Learning English?

  1. The best way is to spend some time in an English speaking country, After I learnt some vocabulary and mastered basic grammar, I went to England. I think that the best thing is to have to “use” the language, with no excuse, what you don´t ask for, you don´t get. It helps a lot with confidence in speaking, when you realise that people do understand your English, even though you may not speak without mistakes.

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  2. I don´t feel to be just a textbook only person. I am positive that learning English should be as varied as possible and conversation is a substantial aspect of language which is especially demanding to hold outside English speaking countries. But it can give us more than just passive reading and listening.
    Lessons with RIchard show me two facts. On one side I destroy his ears sometimes by my not too fine language. On the other hand I can be happy for any new phrases which I am able to say :).
    I´ve found it difficult not to continuously lose my vocabulary papers so I prefer to use cloud documents.
    I practice evenings more often at night because I can focus with a mind but I find getting up the next day more challenging.
    I especially like to watch some TedX speeches to improve my listening! 🙂

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