Is The Force With You?

Is The Force With You?

This is me, 7 years old with my sister aged 5ish. It’s her first school photograph hence why she looks a little nervous. Do you like the uniforms? Even today it’s fairly standard for British schoolchildren to wear school uniforms including ties and in a lot of cases blazers! We had jumpers at this primary school but the school we attended after this one issued blazers. The year was 1984. a great year for small boys in Britain and even smaller furry creatures on the planet Endor. I’m talking of course about Ewoks.

Next week will see the release of the next Star Wars film. The Force Awakens is part seven in the saga and will enlighten us as to what happened after the story of Return of the Jedi. For me this means an end to the 31 years of waiting since I saw ‘Return’ in the cinema back in 1984.

To celebrate this glorious moment, I have a ticket to give away to see this new Star Wars film in 3D on the gigantic IMAX screen in Flora, Prague on Sunday 20th December.

I’m not just going to give it to the first person that asks though, oh no! In order to be in the draw to win the ticket I would like you to answer this question…

What do you think is the most difficult thing about learning English?

It could be a particular tense, remembering vocabulary or simply being disciplined enough to make time to practise.

The deadline for entries is this Sunday the 13th December at midnight so get your answers in NOW. Post your answer in the comments below.

Good luck and may the force be with you.